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Sugar Ant Info

Sugar ants do not damage structures. In nature they make their nests in the ground, under rocks, and in stumps and fallen logs. They are adept at living and foraging below ground level. This can make it hard to know you have them - and hard to control them.

They can have huge colonies - known as super colonies. Each individual nest can have many queens, but these super colonies can cover entire neighborhoods.

They are also called Odorous House Ants. So called because when you smash them they smell bad, like urine or rotting coconut. Some people even refer to them as 'piss ants'. However,many types of ants smell bad when you smash them.

Sugar Ants get their name because they readily feed on sugar, pop, syrup, and other sweets.

In nature these ants actually eat other insects and insect secretions. Aphids make a sticky 'sap' when they eat the leaves of bushes and trees. This 'sap' is an insect super food, highly valued by ants and wasps - it is almost pure sugar.

1366069 - Courtesy Susan Ellis, Bugwood.org 5391193 Courtesy - Joseph Berger, Bugwood.org

Left: Odorous House Ant workers (sugar ants) around the edge of a spoon.

Single Ant / Above: A greatly enlarged picture of a Sugar Ant / Odorous House Ant worker.


Sugar Ant control takes good ant identification

There are lots of different kinds of ants in our area. There are several types of very small dark brown / black ants. Our ant identification page may help.


Getting Rid of Sugar Ants

Ant baits can help, but over the counter ant baits are way too strong - and few people put baits out in enough places, much less use both a protein based bait AND a sugar based bait.

We use slow acting baits in lots of cracks and crevices, under and behind appliances, cabinets, and baseboards - areas kids and pets can't get into but ants use to move back and forth in your home.

Proper control of all ants, always includes a thorough spray of the exterior. The ants you see inside are a tiny fraction of the ants in your home, and an even small part of their much larger colony.

Over the counter ant sprays from your local home and garden store are highly repellent - and most of our calls come from people, who looked into how to get rid of sugar ants themselves, who have used the store bought sprays, and wish they hadn't.

We get rid of sugar ants using a professional grade ant control spray around the exterior that is specially formulated to be non-repellent. It has no odor, no fume, and no vapor. It is rated as less toxic than most household cleansers, and even the caffeine in your coffee. Ants cannot tell it is there, do not try to avoid it, and it works - very well.

If you see lots of ants on the inside and want faster results, we recommend spraying the inside as well.

All homes will need a thorough initial service and at least 1 follow up inspection and service. Some homes in heavily infested areas, or with lots of ants, may need to consider a quarterly control service to keep the ants away.

We have preparation sheets for inside ant treatments and for exterior perimeter sprays to help you get rid of sugar ants and get the most out of our services.


Sugar Ant Control wrap up

Ants do not aimlessly wander into homes. They only seem to show up in the spring and then dispensary.

Ants do stop foraging inside when you spray something on them, most sprays are highly repellent. Even natural sprays, even household cleansers. Ants will also stop showing up when they eat something that kills a bunch of them quickly (strong over the counter baits), and when the food that they prefer - becomes available outside.

But just because you don't see them - doesn't mean they aren't there - inside your walls, in your attic, or inside your sub area. 

To kill Sugar Ants completely it can sometimes take several follow-up treatments over a period of months. It is important to understand that the nest in your home is only a small part of a closely connected nest and colony system.


Sugar Ant Prevention

There are actually a number of things that can be done to make a structure less attractive to ants, all ants. Most of these steps will also make any type of treatment program more successful with less use of pesticide.

Please visit our page: Carpenter Ant Prevention to learn how to make your treatment more effective and possibly less expensive.








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