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Why Use Safeguard?

Safeguard is a small local service company. We have been providing the very best pest control to homes and businesses throughout King and Snohomish counties for over 20 years. We have the lowest customer and employee turn over of any pest control company in the Northwest. We care about our customers and we do really good affordable work.

We are the original Green pest control company and we provide pesticide free, all natural, and ultra low toxicity solutions for all sorts of pest problems.


Residential Services

We control all kinds of unwanted insect and rodent pests. Pests that invade homes and businesses. Pests that bite or sting people or pets, and pests that damage food supplies, homes or belongings, including:

Ants, argentine ants, bed bugs, bees, beetles, carpenter ants, carpet beetles and clothing moths, earwigs, flickers, flies, food pests - moths, beetles, weevils, ghost ants, ground beetles, hobo spiders, hornets, mice, mud daubers, moths, moisture ants, odorous house ants, paper wasps, pavement ants, pest birds, pharaoh ants, pigeons, pill bugs, rats, roaches, starlings, sow bugs, spiders, springtails, squirrels, starlings, sugar ants, swallows, termites, thatching ants, thief ants, wasps, weevils, wood boring beetles, woodpeckers, yellow jackets

We also control uncommon pests including cluster flies, exotic seed bugs, lady bug infestations, stink bugs, opossums, and more.

We do green pest prevention and exclusion inspections and work, and we perform inspections for home loans and real estate transactions.

Safeguard provides all kinds 'one shot' / 'on call' services and service programs. Our most popular residential service program is our quarterly service program. It has the perfect balance between effective pest control and affordable solutions. Quarterly service programs can be customized for any need, but the basics can be found at: Quarterly Service.


Quarterly Services

Regular programs have lots of advantages - especially quarterly services. They can save you a lot of money, keep your home free of pests and pest damage, and give you peace of mind - all while using green pest prevention methods and control materials that are less toxic than your morning cup of coffee!


Safety Concerns

Concerned about safety? We are too. It's why we stress pest prevention and pest exclusion, and it's why we choose to use the safest most effective materials available. Here are some links about safety and control materials:


Prep Sheets

To get the best possible results from your treatment, you should check out our collection of prep sheets. Preparing properly, in advance of our service visit, can make the difference between good control and superior control. Some types of pests, really cannot be controlled with preparing first.

Prep Sheets


Maximizing Your Service

In addition to the prep work noted above, our links to Pest Prevention and Pest Exclusion can make our work much more effective. We often leave notes about pest prevention, pest and rot conducive conditions, and helpful tips, at our services. If you need more info about these notes, or other ways to maximize your service - let us know!


Commercial Services

We do a tremendous amount of work for property management professionals, local area schools and universities, HOA's, and businesses of all types.

Commercial Pest Control Center.


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