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We use control products that are pet and people friendly - with no odors or fumes, rated as being less toxic than caffeine! We have been providing Cockroach Extermination services in the Greater Seattle area for over 20 years! We are A+ rated, we get most of our work from repeat customers and referrals, and we have been awarded the Super Service Award from Angie's list - multiple times.!


We provide Cockroach Extermination in all types of situations, for all kinds of customers, but this page concentrates on cockroach treatment for residential customers.

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  • Getting rid of roaches:
  • Cockroach Control Materials
  • Preparation
  • Cockroach Treatment
  • Pest notes and info.


Getting Rid of Roaches

What you need to know about cockroach extermination.


Cockroach Control Materials

What doesn't work and why: Almost every over-the-counter control material, whether it is a spray, a fog, or a dust, will kill a cockroach if you apply it directly to the roach. And, you will see dead roaches.

The problem is that none of these materials work worth a darn on the roaches you don't see. Over the counter sprays are highly repellent. Roaches hidden away in cracks and crevices will not cross treated surfaces. They can stay put for six months or more, in gaps, cracks, and crevices, waiting for the spray materials to break down.

Fogs only exterminate roaches in areas where air circulates, a fraction of the roaches in a home, and some dust materials can help get rid of roaches, but homeowners almost always apply way more dust material than is actually needed making it more repellent than effective.

Don't get me started on baits - the least effective over the counter roach extermination material of all.



For a cockroach treatment to be effective, it needs to be thorough. Cockroaches are going to nest in a lot more areas than you think. It only takes one pregnant female cockroach to give you thousands of more roaches in just a few months. The biggest reason professional treatments fail - is because the preparation was not done properly, preventing the treatment from being thorough enough.


Cockroach Treatment

We treat all cracks and crevices throughout a home. In areas where there may be a few roaches such as cracks and crevices away from food, moisture, and heating areas, we use a dust bait formulation in a sweeping application designed for maximum coverage behind framing, baseboards, and under / behind cabinetry. This all natural substance is 100% effective for any roach that contacts it - or contacts another roach that has already contacted it.

In areas around cabinetry, doorways, and on baseboards through a home we use a totally non-repellent spray material that is less toxic than caffeine to people and pets, but sure death to cockroaches.

In roach hiding areas where roach infestations are heavy, we may use all natural fresh water diatomaceous earth in specially designed dust applicators that provide effective amounts of the materials to roach hiding areas.

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Pest notes and info.

People tend to get roaches from where they work, or where they shop. Most people have roaches for many months before they know they have them - as they only start showing up when they cannot all hide in cracks and crevices.

The secret to good roach control is complete and thorough inspections, to find all activity areas; the use of the latest and best control materials to get rid of roaches; and where warranted, ongoing inspections and service to to ensure full roach control and to prevent future infestations.

If you did bring these home from work, or if you shop a lot at import markets, a quarterly inspection and treatment service may be recommended as re-infestation from these areas is common.

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