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Our Super Popular - Quarterly Pest Control Service Program

Our best combination of consumer friendly pricing and truly effective pest control.


About Quarterly Service:

Most homes have pests for 3 to 5 years before they realize it. People see ants outside, on the pavement, or on the fence. Next spring, or the spring after that, they see a few ants inside. A few years later, after trying to control the ants themselves, they call a professional. As much as five years after the ants first moved in. Most people find out they have rats after they have moved from the attic or sub area into the garage or living areas - years after they first infested.

How long will the pests be back in your home before you know it?

The second biggest reason people stop having service is because they don't see pests, you know, the ones they didn't see to begin with...

Pests re-infest, especially ants, wasps, rodents, and spiders. Pests put down chemical signals all over your home - which are irresistible treasure maps to others of their kind.

Our service is designed to repel and control pests. It’s quite possible that you will not see pests while on service—that’s our goal,. It’s what you want. It means our service is working, keeping the pests that want back in your home, away. We come back, because pests come back. Once the repellents we use stop working, what stands between your home and the pests?

The biggest reason people stop having quarterly service with Safeguard, is because they move. We have happy, satisfied customers who have been using our services for over 20 years. We have 3rd generation customers, and lots of customer who transfer their services to their new homes when they relocate.

Our Quarterly Service FAQ explains how quarterly service programs work and how to get the best possible service.

$$ Save Big $$

Servicing a home on a regular basis, with other homes in the same area, saves time, gas, auto, and other expenses. We pass those savings on to you with our very best rates. You also see the best service results.

Quarterly services are typically 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of on-call and one shot services. Most customers get coverage for other, select, additional pests, and often, some type of service warranty.

Other service options:

On call / one shot services. Consistently reviewed as one of the best pest control service providers on Angie’s List, Consumer Checkbook, Yelp, and others, we do great work at reasonable prices, and many people call ‘as needed’.

Semi-annual service customers get a 20% discount off of our ‘on-call’ rates. These programs are usually limited to a single pest, with no between services warranty,.but we provide the same great service as we do for our quarterly service customers,

(Skipping services on a quarterly service program may not give you full control, can void service warranties, eliminates additional pest coverage, and may raise your service charge.)








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