Safeguard Gets Rid of Rats!

This page deals mainly with residential rat control, for commercial rat control please follow this link


Why Choose Safeguard to Get Rid of Your Rats:

  • We find all the rat entry points.
  • We exterminate and remove rats.
  • We rat proof homes to make sure they can't get back in.
  • We have optional rat control and full service pest control programs to take care of neighborhood problems and keep your home free from all kinds of pests.


We have great reviews on Yelp, Google Places, Dex Knows, and we are proud recipients of the Super Service Award from Angie's List.


Getting rid of your rats is a three step process:

Step 1. Our initial service consists a full home inspection and a rat control treatment.

We perform and in-depth whole home inspection and analysis: exterior, sub areas, attic and roof voids, garage, and interior. We note all activity areas, and every possible way rats are getting into your home, or could get into your home, and we look for any factors that make your home attractive to rats.

While we are doing that inspection, we are also putting out rat control materials, traps, etc..., to take care of the activity we find. This step is where we set up your rat removal materials.

After the inspection and initial treatment, we sit down with you and explain our inspection findings, and let you know what it would take to rat proof your home and guarantee that your home stays rat free. This information is designed to repel rats and deter rats.

For some homes rat proofing is quick and inexpensive, to get a guarantee, we ask that you have us do the work, to make sure it meets professional standards, but if you want to do the work yourself, we would be happy to tell you how to do the work and the materials you need to get the job done right.


Step 2. After two weeks, we make a rat removal follow up service, removing any trapped rats and checking to make sure our control materials are working properly. This is also the time to have us perform any of the rat proofing procures we detailed during our initial rat control inspection. This may include fixing broken vents, plugging gaps in your foundation, fixing your sub area access door, or other similar steps.


Step 3. In approximately two additional weeks, if the home has been completely rat proofed, we return to perform a final rodent removal follow up service and a control inspection to make sure you are completely rid of the rats.

Most homes should be rid of rats at this point and the rat removal should be complete. Most homes should qualify for our rat control guarantee.


NOTE: The rats that infested your home came from somewhere nearby in your neighborhood. A single pair of rats can be have 6 to 10 sets of young, 6 to 10 times a year. When you figure that half the offspring are female and capable of breeding in as little as 2 months - it is easy to see how literally hundreds and hundreds of rats could be living nearby, all needing food, all needing places to live. We do provide an effective and affordable quarterly service that combines rodent control and insect control for one low fee - ask your technician for details.


Rat Control - (background for people who want to know more.)

There is never just one rat. They are pack animals and they never live alone. If they've been in your home for more than ten days - the chances are they have had their first set of babies.

Among the rat control materials we use are several different very effective kinds of traps. Traps can help - but we stress rat proofing because rats quickly learn that traps are deadly.

If you don't rat proof your home completely they will always re-infest.

Rat proofing or exclusion, is the very most important part of any rat removal and rat control program.

We wouldn't know what it would cost or take to rodent proof your home prior to our whole home inspection. Every home is different.


What is rodent proofing and why is it important?

Have your rodent proofing performed by experts using only proven rat proofing methods and materials..


Do we provide crawlspace clean-up services?

We do provide the clean-up services most homes need and would be happy to give you an estimate for these services as well.

However, we don't push crawlspace clean-ups like many other companies seem to these days.

Some companies are really pushing clean-ups and charge thousands of dollars to come in and replace your all your insulation. We feel that is rarely necessary. We are seeing customers who have paid $3000.00 to $5000.00 several times, and still have rodents.

We pride ourselves on doing really good rodent proofing work, but homes change over time, vents get broken, access doors get left open, trees and other vegetation grow and provide future access. Even if your home is rodent proofed, a follow up rodent control service makes sense for most people.








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