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The Advantages:

Peace of Mind

Pests can cause expensive damage, both to the structure of your home, and to your belongings. They can also take away from your enjoyment of your home. Who wants to share a home with big hairy spiders, mice running around the garage, tiny little ants marching around all over the kitchen, or getting dive bombed by wasps while trying to enjoy a summer barbecue?

And those are just the pests you see. Experience has shown us that pests are in a home for up to 5 years before they are noticed. Most of us are just too busy, or have no desire, to thoroughly inspect the outside and underside of our homes every month or two to make sure that there isn't something going on that we should be aware of.

A quality pest control service not only prevents pest problems but regular inspections can help give you peace of mind, taking one more chore, and one more worry, off your plate.



At Safeguard we protect homes, property, and people.

A home is the single biggest investment most people make. Pests can damage your home. Wood destroying pests, including termites, carpenter ants, and moisture ants cause more damage to structures every year than all the natural disasters - combined.

Rodent infestations can cause expensive damage to your insulation, costing thousands to repair and replace, they are known to chew on wiring, leading to dangerous conditions and more costly repairs. They can even lower the resale value of your home.

In addition to these pests, we note conditions during our service visits that can protect you from future repairs that can cost thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, things like the need to dig your siding out of the ground, cut back tree limbs, clear your gutters, and close off gaps that lead to pest infestations.



Quarterly services typically cost 1/2 to 1/4 the cost of 'On Call' / 'One Shot Services'. A full year of service can easily cost less than a single service for some pests. Why the big discount?

If we can schedule your follow up service, quickly and easily, with other customers in your service area, we save on driving time, time spent explaining services and doing paperwork, and homes on a regular quarterly service take less time and effort to keep pests under control.

Why quarterly? Currently available control materials last a little less than 90 days per application, re-applying a protective barrier around your home every 90 days repels pests, and should you experience pest activity, it acts to minimize that activity between services.

We do tons of great work for people who are not on quarterly service and we love all of our customers, but only quarterly customers, who accept all four services per year, get the lowest prices, most expanded coverages, and best service warranties.


How it Works

Four times per year, prior to your regular service, we call your designated message phone, typically two days in advance of your service, to let you know when we will be servicing your area, and ask if you are having any service issues we need to know about. (Note: many companies do not call at all, some companies call the same day. Calling two days in advance is the very best notification in the industry.)

At each service we make a safety inspection prior to service, looking for areas we want to avoid spraying, such as flowers in bloom, veggies and herbs, pet food dishes, and children's toys. We look for pest activity, the pests you want controlled, but other potential problem pests as well. We also look for conditions which might make your home attractive to pests, or cause future damage.

The average home takes around twenty minutes to service properly, although we we will often spend more time and effort at homes where we notice problems during our inspection and service. An extra 5, 10, or even 15 minutes here or there, is never a problem. If you are aware of a pest problem that needs addressed - please let us know in advance, so that we can schedule extra time for your home.

Most homes will have the exterior serviced three times a year, and the attic / sub areas treated once per year. All 4 treatments are vital for good control, and to qualify for the discounted service rate and expanded coverages. If you miss our call, because you are out of town, and you absolutely need an inside service - just give us a call, we are happy to add value to your service program.

If we have to make repeated efforts to contact you prior to every service, if we cannot schedule your service with other customers in your area, or if your service always takes longer than average, we may ask to revise your service fee. There may be extra charges for pests not specified in your service agreement, pests than infest in ways that cannot be controlled by your regular treatment, or if we have to make extra service trips to your home - but we always look to maximize coverages and minimize charges for regular quarterly customers.

If we install rodent control devices at your home, during any service, our last service at your home must include the removal of those control items, per the Washington State Department of Agriculture, or we will have to charge you a fee to retrieve them.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to be on service?

Every infestation is different. Your home is attractive to pests because it offers free, low labor, quality pest housing. Our walls, roof voids, and sub areas - are far better nesting areas than anything that occurs in nature. Our homes can also be food, but often, pests living in your home will find abundant food somewhere nearby. This food can be on or under your vegetation, in the nearest greenbelt, or at a neighbors house, a few hundred feet or yards from your cozy attractive home. Your pests came from somewhere nearby, somewhere where there are more of the same. When those pests moved in, they left chemical signals for other pests that act like flashing neon 'Welcome' signs. I have seen ants and rodents try to get back into the same homes for well over 20 years.

Will rain have a negative impact on my service?

Most of the rain we have in the northwest is an on again off again light drizzle - which does not impact our applications at all. Most area homes have eaves which keep the base of the home dry in any weather. Once our control materials have even seconds to dry, they must be scrubbed off and rain will not remove them. In fact, sunlight is what breaks down pesticides. In the rare event that there is heavy rain, and you have insufficient eaves, we will reschedule your outside spray service. We always follow state and federal wet weather regulations.

Can I skip a service?

Skipping a quarterly service will void any existing service warranty, remove coverage for additional pests, and may increase the cost of subsequent services. To get the very best deal we offer - you must accept all four quarterly services.

We do appreciate and do great work for all of our customers - we just give the very best price, coverage, and warranty to our quarterly customers.

How safe are those materials you apply around my house?

We use a variety of natural, non-toxic, and ultra low toxicity materials that are much less toxic than the caffeine in your morning cup of coffee. For more info visit our page about pesticides.

Does my service technician like snickerdoodles?

His boss does.


Why Customers Cancel Quarterly Service

The number one reason people cancel their service with Safeguard is: Customers Move. Fortunately, many of our customers move somewhere in our service area, and we can transfer their service over to their new home, usually with a big discount, for customer loyalty.

The second biggest reason is that customers 'No Longer See Pests'.

Remember when we said that pests are in a home for up to 5 years before being noticed? Once pest activity fall below a 'visual threshold' many people - including a really large number of people who still have pests, cancel. Out of sight, out of mind.

Our control materials not only kill pests, they also REPEL them. Pests that would normally move right back in - don't because the home is being treated on a regular basis. A large percentage of customers who cancel, call us back within six months because the pests came back once the repellency wore off.

Why do pests come back? Most pests are neighborhood problems. The pests that you had treated at your home still exist near you. Once they've been in your home, they've left behind signals, scent trails, body odors, traces of activity - that are highly attractive to other pests of the same kind. These signals draw the pests back.

Follow up inspections at homes where customers cancel because they are no longer see pests - turn up pests 50% off the time.

The third main reason people cancel is because the Customer Had No Relationship With Their Service Professional. This is why we put so much effort, in hiring, training, and retaining the very best technicians we can. It's why we try to keep our employee turn over low (many companies have 85% turn over of employees every year.), it's why we stress the need to provide outstanding service, and to build relationships with our customers.

You can help! Take a moment to let your technician know what's important to you, to ask your service pro questions about how to get the best service possible. Ask about pest prevention, and share your safety concerns.

At Safeguard, we have up to three generations of families on service, and happy satisfied customers who have been with us for over 20 years.








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