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We achieve pigeon control using products and services that stop pigeons without harming them.

Our effective, affordable, and lasting work in pigeon removal, for area businesses and homeowners, has been making satisfied customers for over 20 years.

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Residential Anti Pigeon: Materials and Techniques

To stop pigeons in residential settings, the most common anti pigeon installations involve screen, netting or spikes.

Bird spikes prevent pigeons from roosting or nesting in many areas and work great along roof ledges and beams. The bird spikes shown below stopped the pigeon problem of pigeons roosting on chimney shrouds.


Pigeon Control on metal chimney caps & shrouds:

Woodpecker Controlr Pigeon Problem Solved.



Bird screen, 1/4 inch hardware cloth, as shown below can close off sheltered under eave areas to stop the pigeon problem of pigeons roosting on roof tops. This screen works very well to prevent pigeons and is barely visible from ground level - and then, only if you know it's there.

Pigeon Control on roof tops.

WoodpeckerControl2 Pigeon Problem Solved.

Pigeons control on eave support beams.


pigeon roosts Pigeon Problem

Another major pigeon nesting / roosting area is on the top of exposed eave support beams under craftsman / cottage type roof designs. While many people inquire about spikes for anti pigeon purposes, we recommend screening from the top of the beam to the eave above to prevent pigeons from plaguing these areas. Spikes in sheltered areas will only stop pigeons in the short term as they often foul spikes in sheltered areas with nesting materials and nest on top of the spikes.

NOTE: Owls, even floating head owls, and plastic snakes, do not stop pigeons. Not enough movement, no noise, no reflection.


Bird netting of balconies


netingPigeon Problem Solved!

We can install permenent or detacheable, low visibility bird netting to keep pigeons off of balconies. It takes a lot of skill and experience to make this look good, but this anti pigeon application can give you back your balcony.


Pigeon Control - other options:

Shock track. Shock track will prevent pigeons from nesting on the peak of a roof. It gives a low level electric shock and quickly teaches birds to stay away. This anti pigeon installation is solar powered and does not harm pigeons.




Check out our link to commercial bird control listed below for more anti pigeon options.


Be careful out there!

We don't recommend that homeowners install anti-pigeon materials such as bird spikes or netting themselves because:


  • In the U.S. more than 500,000 people a year are treated for ladder related injuries, and that number does not include people who suffered injuries but did not go to a medical care provider for treatment.

  • About 300 people in the U.S. die from ladder related injuries annually.

  • Estimated annual cost of ladder related injuries is $11 billion, including work loss, medical, legal, liability, and pain and suffering expenses.


Additional bird control materials and basic applications can be found at: Commercial Bird Control


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