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Pavement Ant Info

Pavements ants are small and dark brown or black, although there may be reddish overtones present. About 3/16 of an inch long.  They sometimes show up in homes with concrete slab floors, in basements, or in garages.  They typically nest under the concrete but sometimes push up piles of fine dirt.  They do not damage wood, but severe infestations can undermine slabs and lead to cracks and settling.

On the exterior they are often found pushing up piles of fine dirt between garages and driveways, in the cracks of driveways, walkways, and garages, and especially in between pavers - which is how they got their name.

They are adept at living and foraging below ground level. This can make it hard to know you have them - and hard to control them. Exterior ground level spray services may not control these ants - especially if the sprays are repellent - like those used to control carpenter ants and spiders.

Like all ants, these ants actually eat other insects and insect secretions. Aphids make a sticky 'sap' when they eat the leaves of bushes and trees. This 'sap' is an insect super food, highly valued by ants and wasps - it is almost pure sugar. These ants are especially adept at feeding off of aphid activity occurring under ground around the roots of trees and shrubs.

Pavement Ants On Nest Entrance 

Above: Pavement Ants at nest entrance.

Male Moisture Ant swarmers 

Above: Typical pavement ant mounds around / between pavers.


Typical Pavement Ant Mound With Activity:


Pavement ant reaction to pesticide.


Getting Rid of Pavement Ants

If the ants occur well away from your home, almost any pesticide spray can knock down their numbers.

If they are nesting near a home or under a slab, you should stringly consider calling a professional. Home and Garden Center type control materials may drive these ants inside your home and fragment nests - making them harder to control.

Unlike the Home and Garden Center type sprays, professionals use non-repellent sprays, which the ants cannot sense, making control quicker, and more complete, without pushing them into unwanted areas. Professional grade materials work bettert to kill the entire nest.

Often these ants can be controlled in one or two visits.

As with most ants, we recommend a thorough spray of the exterior. The ants you see can be a tiny fraction of the ants in your yard, your landscaping, and in / under your home.

Some homes with heavy infestations, may need to consider a quarterly control service to keep them under control.

We have preparation sheets for inside ant treatments and for exterior perimeter sprays to help you get the most out of our services.


Ant Prevention

There are actually a number of things that can be done to make a structure less attractive to ants, all ants. Most of these steps will also make any type of treatment program more successful with less use of pesticide.

Please visit our page: Carpenter Ant Prevention to learn how to make your treatment more effective and possibly less expensive.








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