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What is Green?


When gas looked like it was going to hit $5.00 per gallon, the news was flooded with articles about how green it would be if we all switched to cars that ran on bio-fuel. Hardly a day went by without someone releasing a study, or some blogger re-releasing the same story, and it was everywhwre on the news and online.. Then one day, someone figured out what it would do to the environment to grow that much bio-mass, and then, oops, the carbon foorint would be horendous, and then suddenly, everyone realised, that wasn't so green.

Are electric cars really greener than gas powered cars? Manufacturing either takes a toll on the environment and how toxic are the batteries in the electric cars? Are incadecent lightbulbs really greener than regular lightbilbs? What is all that mercury in the incadescent bbulbs going to do to our environment when it leeches out of the landfills and into our water ways?


Somebody's Lying.

Perhaps it's too harsh to call all the people who hailed biofuel as liars, but the truth is there is a lot of information on the internet and in the news that isn't just slanted, it's either misleading or patentyl false. ANd when it fits with person's world view and / or is reinforced repetedly, it becomes the truth for a lot of people.


How News Gets Created.

INews organizations no longer have big budgets for investigative reporting. A lot of the news you hear or read, is really news found by one source and broadcast by thousands of outlets. If you have a speicial interest or agenda, if you hire a PR firm, or if you have an inhouse expet, you create the news you want, via a press release. If the press release is news worthy, and most press release that cause fear, worry, or anger are bound to catch people's attention are considered newsworthy - you have yourself some publicity.

News organizations are seldom worried about facts these days. The don't even bother to print retractions when they're wrong, they just want something that makes you tune in, clik on.

As long as it sells commercials or ads - its all OK.



We believe strongly in pest prevention and pest exclusion. These are the two of the greenest things any homeowner can do. These two ideas work hand in hand to reduce the need for pesticde, and the amount of pesticde necessary to take care of a pest should you get one. and saves money on home repair as well. Unfortunately, even though we preach this to our customers and recommend to our customers all the time VERY FEW CUSTEOMRS EVER FOLLOW THROUGH WITh THIS.


Differences of Opinions

In Europe, where these spiders come from, they are not known to be a problem inside homes, and are not known to be especially poisonous.

There is some thought that studies of Hobo Spider venom toxicity done on rabbits, where skin lesions did occur, have been extrapolated to humans - this is unfortunate, because lots of different bites have different effects, on different animals. It's thought by some that Hobo Spiders could, although very rarely, carry a bacteria on them that could infect a wound after biting that could lead to skin lesions. There is also the school of thought that there bites do not cause any special reaction and that the lesions are a myth perpetuated by misdiagnoses.

Be aware the most of the information, even from the sources, is a matter of opinion - not research. For my money, Rick Vetter from UC Riverside who has done extensive research gets the nod. For a copy of his paper on them - send us an email.


How Safeguard Gets Rid of Your Spiders

To get rid of spiders on the exterior we spray:

The ground around the base of your home, your foundation, sub area vents openings, the edges of nearby walkways, attached fences and vegetation, corners, overhangs, decks, porches, around doors and windows, and your eaves. We are very thorough - but if done right it only takes a gallon or two to do a great job. It may take less than an ounce of active ingredient to keep your home spider free for months.

We don't spray:

Pet food dishes or chew toys, children's toys, bird feeders or baths, gardens, fruit trees, herbs, or any vegetation in bloom.

We can try not to overspray onto windows if you like - but let us know your preferences.

Spider Control - How Much Service Do You Need?

Servicing the outside, especially on a regular quarterly basis will really cut down on the number of spiders living in and on your home - the ones you don't see in the winter and early spring, and the ones you see all over in the summer, and especially, in the fall.

On initial services, we do get requests to treat the inside, but the inside should really only be treated about once a year.











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