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Facilities and Property Management

A great deal of our work involves the performance of regular inspection, service, and pest prevention programs for HOAs - in planned home, condominium, and townhouse developments; universities; office, warehouse, and industrial parks; and for property management professionals in various support capacities. We are also a trusted source for pest exclusion and on-call pest remediation.


Exterior Rodent Control Programs

Bait StationWe can cut down on exterior rodent sightings and activity with the installation of special exterior rodent stations that can contain traps and or rodenticide.

These stations are pet and child resistant by design, lock automatically, and are pre-weighted to prevent them from being moved or tampered with.

Depending on the situation and the rodent population being controlled, these stations can be checked, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. We can include inspections for rodent prevention, and rodent exclusion, and we can include interior rodent control services as well.

These types of programs can be easily expanded to cover crawling insect control programs.

Exterior Insect Control Programs

Some types of pests are really neighborhood problems. This is especially true with both Carpenter Ants and Odorous House Ants. Both of these ants can have huge colonies, comprised of thousands of workers.

Spraying the wrong materials can make these infestations worse, it can also push activity into other areas. Advanced 'low risk' insect control formulations with no odor, fume, or vapor, can control many insect pests - often by just treating the exterior.

These programs can easily be expanded to cover rodent control.

Other popular options include the control of stinging insects noted at the time of the regular service. We also include discounts for other pest control services to the residents or workers at any property we service.

LEEDS, GREEN, IPM programs

From ants to wasps to spiders and rodents, pests are a part of nature. Pests need 4 things to survive, food water, shelter, and others of their kind.

A few simple steps can make any structure less attractive to pests. A comprehensive pest prevention program can help keep pests away and it can do so in a green and sustainable way. Heavy on inspections and light on pesticides, we can help anyone stay pest free and pesticide free.

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We respond quickly, with thorough, effective, and affordable service to work requests from property management professionals, tradesmen, and other professionals in all types of industries including:

Plumbers, roofers, painters, electricians, contractors, cleaning professionals, Realtors, landscapers, auto mechanics, and more.

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