Commercial Bird Control

Safeguard has been providing proven pest bird control solutions for over 20 Years. Most birds only become pests when they nest in, on, or or cause damage to, our homes or businesses. Our bird control solutions focus on deterring birds, and preventing bird infestations.


Commercial Bird Control Services:

We install all of the items shown below and many more. (see our link to Bird Screens)

Most images below will lead to info from our suppliers. Need piegon control for you home? Residential Pigeon Control.


Visual Deterrents

We use a variety of visual deterrents for Woodpecker control.

These work best as one part of an overall application that stresses movment, low level noise, and reflection. These are commonly installed incorrectly by homeowners and other professionals.



Electronic / Sonic Bird Control

Electronic devices can be used to scare off woodpeckers, seaguls, and other birds from large buildings, warehouses, and entire complexes, etc...some use noise, some use movement, and others use pulses of water.

We would be happy to discuss the installation of any of these devices - how they would work best for your situation.


Bird spikes

Bird spikes are great for exposed ledges, exposed metal beams, flat roof perimeters, gutter edges, & more.

They do not work well in areas that are sheltered from weather or where bird populations are high. IN sheltered areas birds will sometimes fill the spikes with grass and leaves and nest on top of them.



Bird Netting

Bird netting is great for closing off the under sides of awnings, for keeping birds out of courtyards and atriums, for keeping them away from HVAC areas.

We put up nets to keep pigeons off of exterior decks, and out of parking garages, alcoves, & more. Bird nets can last for a decade and work really well for large areas.




daddi-long-legs keep small open areas free of birds, but they can be set out - several at at time to cover parapets, light fixtures and more.

They work especially well on top of HVAC installations.



Bird Slide

Bird slide is a visually pleasing alternative to bird spikes.

It works great on ledges and can be applied to upper corners to keep swallows from nesting.

As a bonus it can be painted to match almost any decor.



Bird Wire

Bird wire works in all the same areas as bird spikes - but it much less visible than bird spikes.

It also less likely for birds to overwhelm the materials with nesitng material.



Bird Shock Flex Track.

Great for ledges, signs, and highly visible areas.

There are no wires or spikes to stick up in the air, so this installation is unoited in most applications.

A small, non damaging, electrical shock is given to birds when they stop on the tracks and they quickly learn to avoid areas where this bird solution is installed.


We also do a great deal of work with galvanized metal screening, AKA 1/4inch hardware cloth, for examples check out our page bird screens.


Residential Pest Control Customers

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Commercial Pest Control Customers

Information on commercial services, service programs, and how Safeguard can save you money, can be found at our Commercial Pest Control Center.








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