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Most people who have clothing damage, do not have clothing moths, they have Carpet Beetles. Carpet beetles are common, clothing moths - are not.


Two Kinds of Clothing Moths:

Case Making Clothing Moths

Webbing Clothes Moths

Compare to common food pest moths.


Case Making Clothing Moths




More pictures here


Webbing Clothes Moths




Clothing Moth Control

Clothing moth treatment must be thorough, should be monitored, and we recommend - repeated.


Home Treatment

We recommend treating all closets, dressers, wardrobes, and areas where clothing or fabrics made of wool are stored.

We recommend treating all wool carpets, and the top of the walls throughout the home - as this is an area that moths typically land on.

To perform this type of treatment you will need to empty out your closets, dressers, wardrobes, and etc... If your home has many closets, with lots of things stored in them - preparation may take many hours, and you should consider treating a few rooms at a time. Please understand that we will need room to perform your treatment.

Items that are stuffed with horse hair, animal trophies, and items that might be damaged by a treatment (feathers, silks, etc...), should be taken to a fumigation chamber ( we can refer you ). Our treatment has never damaged a rug, but if your wool rugs are worth thousands of dollars - you should have them fumigated.


Clothing Treatment

If you suspect that they have laid eggs on or in clothing, you can take your clothes to a dry cleaner, a fumigation vault, and if it makes sense, to a fur vault. Usually they only target fabrics made out of animal protein, although they sometimes damage clothes that have protein stains.


Damage Prevention

Storing your furs and fine wool items in a fur vault (Google it) can prevent damage. Purchasing quality made clothing storage bags can help. Purchasing airtight bags, or storage options can help as well. Putting moth balls or 'pest strips' in your average, closet, which does not seal 'air tight' will not kill moths, but could adversely affect your health.

Another step that can aid in damage prevention, or at least help - is regular inspection and treatment with ultra low toxicity, no fume, no vapor, no odor, pest control materials.








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