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We provide fast and effective ant control for many types of ants in as little as 1 to 2 treatments. We use 'pet and people friendly ant control products' with no odor and no fumes. We have the highest ratings on review sites like Angie's List!

We can often identify your ant over the phone or we can provide a FREE on site estimate - call us today!


Ant Control 101: Ant identification

Ant Identification ImageThe first step in ant control is knowing which ant you are having a problem with.

We have included a helpful link on ant identification to the left.

Different kinds of ants nest in different areas, have different foraging habits, nest structures, and behaviors. We eliminate all kinds of ants using the safest most effective and control materials available - but we use different treatments for different ants.


Ant Control Basics: Learning more about your ants

Odorous House ant imageWe have posted links to content about our most common ants to the left.  All the links will need to ant control info for that ant. The more you know about your ant, the better questions you can ask us, the ant control experts, and the faster we can get to controlling your ants.

Baby ants are larvae - little worm-like creatures. All ants which look like ants are adults and never get bigger.


Practical Ant Control:  Learning your ant treatment options

Ant control can be achieved through the use of several different tools. These are mainly ant baits, ant control dusts, and ant control sprays. 

We will always use the approach that works best for your ants and your concerns.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured and we have great reviews from people living in your area.

The ants on the right are reacting to an all natural ant control dust - diatomaceous earth, applied into their nest, there were no ants visible prior to applying the dust.  More about that in the carpenter ant section.

Advanced Ant Control: Ant Prevention

Overgrown VegetationAnt prevention techniques are vital to ant control - especially 'green' ant control.

They can greatly aid you to get rid of the ant problem you have now. 

They can also work to make your home less attractive to ants and therefore, less likely you be re-infested.

Read up on ant prevention before you treat your ants or before we come out to provide professional ant control for you.







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