How People Get Bed Bugs


Concerned about bed bugs, but not sure if you have them? Want to keep from getting them?


How you get bed bugs:

Bed bugs are attracted to the air we breathe out, the blood in our veins, and the smells we give off as humans.

Bed bugs are hitchhikers, they congregate where we are and where we go. They tend to be found in places people spend time.


Here are some of the more common ways / areas to get bed bugs.



Furniture, toys, linens, and other items that have been previously owned.

Items purchased through second hand stores, through furniture swaps on campus, or through taking home furniture returns or discards, and things bought from garage sales. Anything used that smells of humans that can be purchased or obtained from a secondary source, including luggage, couches, laundry baskets or hampers, stuffed animals or plush toys, etc... That mattress or couch on the corner, with the 'free' sign? Could cost you hundreds, and a bunch of sleepless nights.



Bed bugs will hitchhike directly on you or your clothes via a bus, taxi, or plane seat. They will crawl into or onto your luggage via infested luggage storage areas, shipping compartments, and/or handling equipment. They will infest either or both when you occupy bed bug infested hotels, inns, airplanes, trains, or cruise ship cabins.


Public Seating

A growing way of getting bed bugs involves public seating: library or book store chairs and couches, coffee shop seating, and movie theaters - any place people sit for long periods of time. Even though the people sitting in these areas turns over throughout the day, these places are almost always continually occupied. This means a ready food source is always available.


From Work

If you work in the hospitality industry, the travel industry, if you travel for a living, if you work in a large office building, if you work anywhere people sit and work on their laptops, or reads books - you are at a greater risk of getting bed bugs.


Minding your own business

Even if you are careful and vigilant about where you go and what you do, if you live in any type of multi housing situation, with neighbors above, below, or beside you, bed bugs can and will move across hallways, and through the walls via electrical, plumbing, heating, and other voids - to your home.

You can also get them when people come to visit. Yay!


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