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Woodpeckers: Attack!

Woodpeckers, including flickers, attack homes for three reasons: to make homes, attract mates, and to look for food.  Of those three reasons, the least common is looking for food.

If they are pounding on metal flashing, vents or chimney caps - they are looking for mates.  Female woodpeckers are impressed by a guy who can make some noise.


Woodpecker Control on metal chimney caps & shrouds:

Woodpecker Controlr 

We control woodpeckers in these areas several ways. One way involves putting up something that keeps the woodpeckers from being able to land on the metal surface or at the very least peck on it. 

In this picture we installed non-sharp bird spikes on both the shroud and chimney flue cap. From ground level the spikes are barely noticeable - and only if you know they're there.

NOTE: Woodpeckers are a protected species.  So it is important that your woodpecker control solutions do not actually harm the birds.


Woodpecker Control for when they drill into siding and eaves:


Woodpeckers will drill into and through eaves and siding to make nests.  To control woodpeckers these areas, it typically involves the installation of an active deterrent. The best deterrents combine movement, reflection, and at least some low level noise.  In the image above: A deterrent set, attached to a bracket, is hung out away from the the home to catch the wind. As the deterrent set moves, the non-standard flash tape streamers reflect light, and they make a low level noise. This set is effective over 90% of the time.

NOTE: Owls, even floating head owls, and plastic snakes, do not control woodpeckers. Not enough movement, no noise, no reflection.


Woodpecker Control - other options:

Some woodpeckers can be really persistent, especially if they have already started nesting in your structure. We can work with you to install woodpecker control options like netting, screening and others.



Sometimes sturdy screens applied to the outside are needed in addition to the control measures noted above.



Sometimes the woodpeckers are really insistent, and we need to apply nets that prevent them from getting close enough to peck on your home, or screens attached in a manner that keeps them from being able to reach the eaves screens on your structure. The screen installed above is canted out away from the eave.


Be careful out there!

We don't recommend that homeowners install bird spikes or deterrents themselves for woodpecker or flicker control because:


  • In the U.S. more than 500,000 people a year are treated for ladder related injuries, and that number does not include people who suffered injuries but did not go to a medical care provider for treatment.

  • About 300 people in the U.S. die from ladder related injuries annually.

  • Estimated annual cost of ladder related injuries is $11 billion, including work loss, medical, legal, liability, and pain and suffering expenses.


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