How To Read a MSDS

A Material Safety Data Sheet, unless specifically stated, only deals with the active ingredient and only in a technical grade form.

So, if you looked up bleach, it would only involve pure, undiluted bleach. Have you ever used undiluted bleach? Did you know that bleach available to homeowners is already somewhat diluted?

Most people who use bleach, add just a little bit of bleach to a whole lot of water. The same is true of pesticides. Only more so.

Pesticides are typically so diluted that they are only .03% strong.

So the material, as applied, will almost always be much more mild than indicated by the MSDS. Many of the cautions on the MSDS only apply to the technical grade material.

The downside to the MSDS is that none of the other additives in the pesticide mixture are rated.

Because of that fact, even though we choose ultra low toxicity materials, as noted in their MSDS forms, we always strive to be even safer than required, asking people to vacate just a little longer than the label suggests, asking people to take extra precautions, especially people with sensitive health conditions, or women who are pregnant, or nursing, or very young children.

We would always prefer to spend longer and even do extra services, than to over apply, or risk someone's health.







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