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Pest Prevention

The most important part of any green pest control program, service, or effort: If you prevent pests, you will reduce the need for pesticides, and the amount that's used.

About 50% of all pesticide use would be unnecessary if people addressed three critical issues: moisture in / on their home, conducive conditions, and pest access. If you are committed to green pest control and the environment, you need to be committed to these three steps.

Many of the pages on our site will direct you to pest prevention information. Pest prevention is the key to going green. Additionally, for rodents, we not only stress rodent prevention, but rodent exclusion, as well.

We are available to perform pest prevention and exclusion inspections for homes and businesses throughout our service areas. They are green and they are environmentally responsible.


Non-Chemical Control

Exclusion, or build-out, the act of modifying a structure to prevent pests from nesting on or in a structure, is a great of example of green pest control. Re-screening vents, plugging gaps in the foundation, and replacing a sub area access doors - very green. Putting up bird netting or spikes to displace birds, also green.

But non-chemical control also refers to things like traps and monitors for insects and rodents, the use of high temperatures or freezing temperatures for insect control. Freezing wild bird seed when you first bring it home can kill many types of pests.


Organic / Natural Control Materials

At Safeguard we have dedicated application equipment which is used exclusively for our green pest control customers. This equipment is never used for any other purpose or with any other materials.

We use fresh water diatomaceous earth for many different pests, even for customers who are not on green programs, because used properly - it is a great pest control tool. This fine dust powder is used in sub areas, attics, in cracks and crevices, and utility voids. The only places it shouldn't be used is where people and pets would come into contact with ti, where it might get kicked up into the air (think vacuums or fans), or where it would get damp.

The other material we use is Essentrial IC3. This material is based on botanical actives (essential oils) and is a 25(b) minimum risk insecticide. It can be used in zoos, hospitals, and schools - while they are open.


Inspections and Monitoring

A key component of green pest control programs, is the idea of inspecting, monitoring, and using green pest control options - before the pest problems get out of hand. If you have half a million odorous house ants in your home - few people have the patience to wait for organic / green pest control products to take care of the problem. Green products just do not pack the punch of synthetics.

Green pest control works best when preventive measures are combined with inspecting and monitoring. 84% of all homes experience pest control problems each year. The number would be higher, if people were out, inspecting there home on a regular basis. We have found that quarterly inspections are the best, although some of our green pest control customers have us out every six months.


Prescriptive Treatments

Green pest control relies on a minimal use of pesticide, natural or not. These materials are used in specific areas, looking for specific results.

At some homes we use all natural control materials on a preventative basis. At others, we inspect and only use these materials in areas where activity is noted,

Should the natural materials fail at delivering the degree of control desired, we are happy to discuss the use of ultra low toxicity alternatives.










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