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Local Fabric Pests

  • Carpet Beetles
  • A problem of Mothic (Mythic) Proportions
  • Clothing Moths


Carpet Beetles

Of these, by far, the most common fabric pest is the carpet beetle. Most people, even those who see moths in their kitchen, have carpet beetles and not clothing moths.

Carpet Beetle info.


A Problem of Mothic (Mythic) Proportions

Many people who think they have clothing moths - do have moths. It is quite possible to have moths and carpet beetles at the same time. However, most of the moths we find at peoples homes are harmless moths that just happened to fly in, and only a few moths are present.

Sometimes, we will also see infestations of food moths AND carpet beetles. If most of your moths are in the kitchen - or near human or pet food storage, you my have two problems. For a quick food moth reference: Food Pest Central


Clothing Moths

If you do have Clothing Moths, chances are you have one of two kinds, the Case Making Clothing Moth, or the Webbing Clothing Moth. Our page: Clothing Moths has pictures of these pests and information on how to control them.








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