Environmental Statement

When your house is being damaged, when you are being stung or bitten, and/or when your space has been invaded and you have lost your peace of mind, or the simple enjoyment of your home - you want solutions.

Pesticides perform a useful function. They protect our homes, our belongings, our bodies, and our food supplies

At Safeguard, we make every effort to choose control materials that do not cause health problems for either our customers or our employees.

We will not knowingly use a product that is a carcinogen, teratogen, or mutagen.

We choose materials that are rated as either very low in toxicity or 'non-toxic'. We recommend materials that most people would consider 'safe' but we always take your values and concerns - seriously

Additionally, we make every effort to encourage pest prevention, mechanical and other non-chemical methods of pest control, and natural pesticides, where those materials have proven to be effective AND less toxic than the non-natural alternatives.

Customer Commitment

Our goal is to provide all of our customers with service and communication that is worthy of both repeat service AND referrals to family, friends, and neighbors.

Pest control has all the overhead of any plumbing or electrical company, if not more. To keep and maintain employees with a commitment to quality service, we have made a commitment to hiring, training, and paying for quality service technicians.

We receive consistently good reviews on Angie's List, Yelp, Google+, and other sites.

We love all our customers and we are proud of the fact that we serve generations of satisfied customers whose families have relied on us for outstanding service for over 20 years.







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