25 years ago, when we started Safeguard Pest Control, there were not nearly as many domain url options as there are now, and ‘Safeguard’ was taken in every form imaginable on the .com, .net, and .org designations.  So we started About 5 years ago, another local company came along and liked the name pestfree so much – they made that their company name. Since there was no way to trademark pestfree we looked around at our options.

As more urls became available, we were able to secure, which is awesome. We will continue to look for easy to type and remember options – stay tuned. but impractical, as few people really want to type in 20+ letters, and it makes advertising online tougher than it really needs to be.

In the meantime, if you find any bad links, incomplete content, or need to schedule an estimate or service – you can give us a call at one of our local phone numbers:

206-437-1007 / 425-743-1896 / 425-869-2687 / 425-252-0595 / 360-657-1168

NOTE: We only have one small, local office. We have multiple phone numbers so none of our customers have to pay long distance to call us. 🙂