The importance of good communication

At Safeguard we stress the importance of good communication. We ask our technicians to call and notify our customers at least 48 hours prior to every service. Many companies call the day of the service, many don’t call at all.

We encourage our technicians to call when our customers are home, in order to build better relationships with their customers. The more you know your customer, their needs and their preferences, the easier it is to meet those needs and preferences.

We ask our guys to include helpful notes about pest prevention, or about the service they performed at your home, on the service reports they leave.

Communication is a two way street. Please make sure that we have your designated message phone on file, so we can call it. Keep us up to date on your email address. Calling and leaving a single message or sending a single email, prior to our regular service, really makes life easier for a technician. Calling 5 or 6 times to get a live person, in order to get verbal permission for a service can take more time than doing the actual service!

Take the time to ask questions of your technician, they may not know the answer, but they have resources available to them that do. Ask them about your pest, your coverage, their control materials, your service.

Take a moment to ask your technician if there is anything you can do to make their service more effective. Have you discussed pest prevention and exclusion? Have they talked to you about preparing for your regular service visit before they arrive?

We have the very best reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List. We aren’t perfect, we have bad days like everybody, but we try hard. We try to give the very best service, using the very best materials.

This doesn’t mean that we can snap our fingers and your really bad Odorous House Ant infestation will be gone in 1 or 2 services, or that the really persistent woodpecker is going to give up after a service or two, but it does mean we will go above and beyond the industry standard, that we will provide a higher level of service, that we will always put our customers first.

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New Blog

We are just starting the process of moving our web presence to a domain name that reflects our company name. This site, SafeguardPestControl.Biz will feature a blog that updates to our facebook page. just as soon as i can figure it out.

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What’s bugging you?

OK, so it’s a blog.  Safeguard Pest Control your Seattle exterminator, go to pest control company, and professional pest control provider is not a world class blogger.  I will try to make this interesting and informative.  If you have suggestions for blog topics and / or input – fire away.

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