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Safeguard has been providing proven pest bird control solutions for over 20 Years. Most birds only become pests when they nest in, on, or or cause damage to, our homes or businesses. Our bird control solutions focus on deterring birds, and preventing bird infestations.


Seattle's Most Important Pest Bird Species:


Woodpeckers & Flickers:


Woodpeckers, including flickers, are a huge pest in our area. It takes a special skill set to stop their noise, stop their damage to your home or structure, and chase them away without harming them (they are protected by law).

Woodpecker Control discusses deterrent and bird control strategies for woodpeckers.

Note: A large part of our bird control work is redoing bird control work done for woodpeckers by homeowners and other professionals that didn't work.




Starlings (& birds that damage eave vents):

Bird Screens


Starlings can bring biting parasites and clothing pests, their droppings can permanently mar your siding, and the noise and stench can drive you out of your home.

Starlings aren't the only birds that peck through eave vent screening to nest inside, but they are definitely the most common. Learn more about our attractive and permanent solution to this problem: Bird Screens.





On homes, pigeons like to nest in sheltered areas under eave overhangs. They like nesting on balconeys and perching on gutters.

There are a number of cost effective, low profile solutions to this noisy, messy problem. Pigeon Control is our link to some of the common anti pigeon control materials and their best application methods / areas.

Businesses should check out the link below insteadl, as it leads to our resouce for commercial bird control work, where we tackle the larger, more involved bird control solutions.


Bird control materials and basic applications can be found at:

Bird Screens


Commercial Bird Control



Residential Pest Control Customers

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Commercial Pest Control Customers

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