Safeguard Gets Rid of Bees, Wasps, and Yellow Jackets!

Safeguard has been getting rid of stinging insects and making happy customers for over 20 years. We have thousands of local fans and the very highest ranking on referral sites, such as Angie's List.


99% of our calls to get rid of bees are actually calls for us to get rid of Yellow Jackets. 


Getting rid of wasps - Yellow Jackets.

Yellow Jackets are small, compact wasps that are commonly mistaken for bees. 

Yellow Jacket Photo is enlarged, about half again the size of your typical Yellow Jacket.

Find Yellow Jacket Control Here


Most of our other stinging insect control call are regarding other kinds of wasps. We have lots of different kinds of wasps here. Many people mistake paper wasps for yellow jackets. Wasp control information here.


Finally, we do lots of work every year for bees and information on bee control can be found here.


At any time, please feel free to call our office with any question or concern - we are here to help!







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